Valentines Day Feast

Although the restaurant is currently awaiting a new franchisee (see below), we are excited to announce a one-off special event, happening on Valentines Day – Wednesday 14th February, 7.30pm.

Maria, who is a member of WeFiFo ( is hosting a special Mediterranean feast. The seating for the evening will be arranged in large communal tables and the food will be put in large dishes to be passed round, oohhed, aahhged and talked over, tasting new flavour combinations, and making new friends. Absolutely everything will be served, you can have it ALL, take as much or as little as you want and if you’re lucky you might go home with leftovers! This won’t be a typical intimate, romantic, private dinner for two but it will be great fun, so if you are not in a couple and just want to come alone or with friends please do. If you are vegetarian then let us know and we will make some extra dishes for you to replace the meaty ones.


  • A large board of all things charcuterie, different types of salamis, olives, pickles and cheeses served with a variety of breads to tear and share.
  • A layered trio of dips – hummus, yogurt with garlic, lemon and tahini and Muhammara (a Syrian roasted red pepper dip with cumin and pomegranate molasses). (V)
  • Tortilla – A Spanish classic with only three ingredients, eggs, potatoes and onions but done well it is a miraculous thing. (V)
  • Homemade Labneh – a yogurt based soft cheese with olives, pomegranate seeds and basil – go on dip it in and give it a whirl. (V)
  • Roasted Red Onions with a Walnut Salsa – Not sure this needs much explanation red onions are roasted and dotted with some soft goats cheese and drizzled with the walnut dressing, trust me this is one of the most popular dishes at dinner and disappears as soon as it hits the table. (V)
  • Albondigas – you will always find these on tapas menus. The thing that makes these homemade beef meatballs special is the sauce. The meatballs are first fried in an onion and smoked garlic infused olive oil until golden brown then a slightly spicy sun dried tomato pasata is added. This is then simmered until reduced to a thick, picante, yummy deep sunny sauce.
  • Chicken With Caramelised Onions and Cardamom Rice – this one pot wonder is a great way to cook chicken and rice together, the rice infuses with the chicken juices.And relax …..Not one, not two but three puddings
  • Chocolate and Guinness Cupcakes – dark, moist and velvety these will have you licking your lips.
  • Strawberry and Champagne Meringue Kisses held together in an embrace with soft whipped cream (well it is Valentines Day!)
  • Sticky Orange and Lemon Polenta Cake With a Zesty Citrus Drizzle – oranges and lemons are synonymous with the Mediterranean, gluten free, zesty and no calories (Ok there may be a few ….)
  • If you have room there will be three different boards of foreign and local cheeses some hard, some soft – so soft they are practically gooey served with grapes, walnuts, figs, jams, pickles and a plethora of biscuits. There should be at least 12 different cheeses in total so we will make sure that each board gets passed round all the tables.Tea, coffee and after dinner mints.

Tickets cost £22 per person: to book, please go to:


Franchise Opportunity

The award-winning Dog Inn at Belthorn is looking for an ambitious, dynamic operator to run our dedicated restaurant area.  The restaurant will be operated independently with a secure lease.

The Dog Inn at Belthorn has operated very successfully under community ownership for over two years achieving nationwide accolades. We have invested to completely refurbish the restaurant, refit the large kitchen and create an outside decking area with some of the finest views in Lancashire.

The successful applicant has an opportunity to build an unparalleled reputation for food at this go-to destination pub in East Lancashire.

INTERESTED? There will be an Open Aternoon to see the venue and meet some of the community from 1-4pm on Saturday 27th January. Closing date for applications is 7th February – applications to be submitted to the Board of Directors, The Dog Inn (Belthorn) Ltd, The Dog Inn, 61 Belthorn Road, Belthorn, BB1 2NN or via e-mail


In the meantime, the restaurant will unfortunately remain closed: we apologise for any inconvenience.