Our potential partnership with Boundless Networks, a Chorley based broadband provider with a difference is one that could enhance the broadband experience of not only the local community but the wider area.

Boundless Networks

What Boundless say

Boundless Networks are probably the fastest and largest fibre wireless ISP in Rural and Remote areas of the UK. The broadband we deliver is cable grade and is compatible with all the usual gadgetry associated with tills, PDQs and VOIP telephony. Once you have had a chance to establish the principal of working with us we can work on details. We can work through the period that you’re contracted to your other supplier so that you’re not paying for 2 services.

Why are we the fastest?

It’s all down to our next generation network of fibre optic and wireless infrastructure that enables us to provide some of the fastest and most reliable broadband connections to your home and business.

How do we do this?

By using the very latest fibre and wireless technologies we can build a network that can supply and extend from a dense Urban environment, to small Towns and Villages and then reach out to the many sparsely populated areas within our coverage area.